Vitalis has its own COVID-19 testing station

Vitalis, coronavirus testing
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Employees of Vitalis Woonzorg Groep in Eindhoven can have themselves tested from their cars in their own coronavirus testing street.

With the coronavirus test street Vitalis is expands the testing possibilities for its employees. Employees can have themselves tested from their cars daily between 10:00 and 11:00, by appointment. According to Vitalis, the advantage of this is that the results are known quickly. Often within one day. If the test result is positive, employees remain at home until they are free of complaints for 24 hours.

Employees are eligible for a test if they work directly with clients and if they have symptoms of the coronavirus for at least 24 hours. Think of coughing and/or nasal colds and/or fever. Since last week in Eindhoven, 75% of the employees tested have turned out negative. They have no coronavirus.

Regional Health Department testing area

Earlier this month, the regional health department opened a testing street for care workers who come into contact with vulnerable people. They are tested in special coronavirus test street in the parking garage the Witte Dame in Eindhoven.


Translated by: Bob

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