How to keep a healthy mind during a lockdown

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 and the huge impact it has on the planet, the world needed to adapt in a short time letting us a little bit anxious and overwhelmed. To make matters worse we are surrounded by a lot of negativity and also by a lot of loneliness which doesn’t help our mood.

But it’s not because the world is in a lockdown that your mind needs to be locked too. In this article, Eindhoven news tries to give you ideas about how you can keep a healthy mind and healthy life during this crisis. Are you ready? Let’s go!

During this hard time, how can we not be tempted to eat comfort food or just to order some delivery food from our favourite restaurant? Even if it’s delish it can have a certain impact on your mind.
A lot of studies showed that the second brain of our body was our gut.  A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain. If you forget the vegetables and fruits in your diet, your gut can really suffer. Intestinal distress can be the cause of stress, anxiety or depression.
Moreover, during a pandemic, the best you can do is to protect yourself by giving your immunity a boost.
So do not forget to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, to drink at least two glasses of water every two hours and to avoid prepared or fried food.
Have you always wanted to learn something new? Read this biography? That is the time.
Even if you can’t go outside, reading can give you wings and can make you travel at any time, anywhere in the world.
Reading has a lot of positive effects on our brain. It can allow us to experience more sensations. For example, if a character is experiencing a walk in a park, your brain can put makes you live the situation as if you were in that park. Magic, right?
It can reduce stress, provide plenty of mental stimulation and improve our memory.
Working at home can be a real challenge, especially if you have kids or if you have a Netflix Subscription.
The best way to not wake up at 12 am and to pass the day in your night clothes is to:  plan your day.
Wake up before 8 am every morning. Take 10 minutes to stretch your body, and make yourself a really good breakfast. Put on some clothes and write down all the things you would like to do during the day. Choose a place where you feel comfortable as your “work area” and give yourself breaks every two hours.
If you have children you can even do your planning with them, and show them when you will be available to play for example.
At the end of the day, you will know exactly what you have done and it will make you feel more productive and less stressed.
At this period of the year, our resolution is to lose weight to have that “beach body” during the summer. Guess what? Now you have the time to do it.
Even if you don’t have 100 m2 or if you don’t have a garden, there is plenty of ways to do at least 15 minutes of exercises a day. It can be yoga, pilates, stretching, cardio and a lot more.
It will improve your mood by releasing endorphins (the “love hormones”) in your brain, it will improve your concentration (either you are working or studying at home), it reduces stress and depression and it will improve your sleep.
Most of all, you will have a healthy and strong body to come back to work or school.
In this uncertain time where stress dictates our life, we are tempted to see everything that might go wrong during the day. A gratitude journal just might change your mindset.
You can do a personal or a family list every day about 10 things that you feel grateful for.
It’s a really good way to see the bright side and to not let this situation put us down.
It’s a good way to remember that everything will stop one day and that you will have all these positive things waiting for you.
The most amazing thing we have right now is the number of ways we can communicate with family or friends.
Can you imagine what it was a long time ago without technology? To have to write a letter to our family/friends and wait for an answer for days?
We have the chance to have technology on our site and to talk with our friends and family every day. The social distance doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to have a social life.
Do a skype with your family or your friends and do a quiz with them, send lovely messages to your loved ones every day, spread positivity on the internet, call your grandparents to see how they are going, facetime a friend and watch a film together.
There is plenty of ways to still feel connected to the world.
Even if you feel down right now, remember that things will be passed off and everything will be normal again.
Let’s try our advice for one week and let us know how it makes you feel. And do not forget, we are with you.
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