Local top model critical of corona approach

Photo credit: Studio040

The former Eindhoven top model, Lonneke Engel, says via a vlog that many of her acquaintances have ended up in the hospital. Engel, who currently lives in New York, compares the corona approach of the Netherlands with that of the United States. “I take the virus very seriously”, the model says.

The Netherlands wants to create group immunity. The model doesn’t know if that’s the right approach. In the vlog, she takes cold sores as an example: “Some viruses stay in your body forever, like a cold sore. If your resistance is on the low side, it just comes back.” Engel thinks it’s better to wait until there are more answers.

Engel also doesn’t understand why people can still visit each other in the Netherlands. “I don’t know what the government is telling you there, but the virus can spread more easily where the air circulation has stopped a little”. She’s questioning it.

The former Eindhoven top model vlogs in English on the lockdown in New York every day. The vlogs are in English because she has a lot of English-speaking followers.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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