Businesses, schools wrestling with 1.5m rule

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Businesses and schools are facing a challenge when the anti-corona measures are relaxed. At De Bijenkorf primary school and café ‘t Rozenknopje in Eindhoven, they’re struggling with the 1.5m rule.

On Tuesday night, the Cabinet announced that some rules are being relaxed. Keeping 1.5m apart’s essential. For schools and hospitality businesses, this means their entire working method has to be adapted.

“Twenty colleagues have to go through a narrow corridor. Of course, that’s not going to work”, Laika Cortenbach, from De Bijenkorf primary school, says. Everything will have to change – the layout of the classrooms, timetables, the walking routes of the teachers, and the place where the parents wait. “Just at the start of the day, it’ll look different. The question is also whether the times can be maintained. We also have to rearrange groups and classrooms”.

Cafe ‘t Rozenknopje’s owner, Niek van de Klundert, also sees all kinds of challenges. “In the pub, we might get somewhere, with tables that are 1.5m apart. Things will be different with concerts. If every visitor has to stand that distance apart, then what’s the experience of a concert?”


Translated by: Bob

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