Extra subsidy for Eindhoven cultural initiatives


PopEi, Pennings Foundation, the Albert van Abbehuis, and Silent Film Festival will receive an extra subsidy. The province supports the Eindhoven cultural initiatives to enable further growth.

Designer Katinka Versendaal and youth theater Oortwolk will also receive funding. The initiatives will each receive between 40,000 and 50,000 euros. According to the province, the extra contribution is intended for projects that are innovative and appealing.

From gallery to festival

Pennings Foundation is a platform in the field of photography and video art. The organisation also holds exhibitions at the Geldropseweg in Eindhoven. The Albert van Abbehuis is a presentation space and workspace for starting artists and designers. The Silent Film Festival is an Eindhoven festival that focuses on silent film and has since acquired a permanent place in the annual cultural programming in the city.

PopEi in the Klokgebouw is a home base for starting and talented bands, and also offers the musicians a stage. Oortwolk develops children’s performances that respond to the basic emotions of children.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Ayşenur Kuran 


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