No dating but meeting?!

Do you also like meeting new people? Do you often feel like going out and do something? But you do not know what? And with whom?

There is a new website specifically to solve these dilemmas, the OUTtogether calendar!

The OUTtogether calendar
The OUTtogether calendar is the English version of the SamenUITagenda; to make sure also non-Dutch people can take part and all can start meeting each other.

The new platform OUTtogether calendar makes it easy to see what is going on, who is interested and who wants to go somewhere else with others.

For example, to go to the cinema together, make a bike ride, a nice dinner before a beautiful performance in Parktheater or Muziekgebouw, drive together to a concert or festival or dance somewhere. You can also create an interest group such as ‘we love cooking’ or ‘practice Dutch’ yourself.


new SamenUIT/OUTtogether initiative has a special page for the Eindhoven region and is for everyone. Young, old, international, groups or organisations.

That people  from here, there and everywhere are going to meet each other, that is the mission of this new connecting initiative.


This is also what the supporting partners want. There are, among others, OUTtogether-Parktheater, OUTtogether -Natlab, OUTtogether -POPEI, OUTtogether -Library, Vitalis SamenUITagenda, OUTtogether -VanAbbemuseum. The English version OUTtogether, is in collaboration with Eindhoven News.

They all share the same goal of “supporting meetings and getting people to do fun stuff”.

There is also a SamenUIT-Cultuur, in collaboration with Uit in Eindhoven. Under this heading, the stories around the meetings and the offerings of the many cultural partners in Eindhoven are shared.

First steps are the hardest
Not everyone wants to be the first to make a call to invite others. That is why there are kick-off meetings in Eindhoven for interested parties. In addition to explaining how it works and getting acquainted with the OUTtogether initiative, there is the immediate opportunity to get started and place a first call. Choose which activities you like to organise or do and ask others to join you. So it is always a nice surprise who is going!

Registering as a member is free, placing calls is free.

Do you want to do something, but do not know what? The cultural partners select special OUTtogether events. Sometimes you get free access or a free cup of coffee, etc. Everything is done to make it even more fun for you. Moreover, not much is asked of you. Only that you make it fun for yourself and for others!

Kick-off Meeting
Are you excited and do you want to get started?

Then come to the first OUTtogether/SamenUIT kick-off meeting. This takes place on Monday 17 December at 19.30 hrs at Natlab in Eindhoven. Besides a fun evening and meeting others, you get a short explanation about how it works. You can register directly, place your first call and take advantage of additional benefits.


OUTtogether events
On top of that: They are organising special OUTtogether/SamenUIT events. Everyone (local and international) is welcome there. Of course, meeting and having fun are also key there.

The first event will take place at The Student Hotel in Eindhoven on Tuesday, December 11, 19.45 hrs: the hilarious 30seconds game night. For everyone who loves games and loves to meet people but …. not to date!

Do you want to know more? Send an email to or check out or for the English version of the Kick-off event.

Partners in Eindhoven
Parktheater, The Student Hotel, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Natlab, POPEI, Van Abbemuseum, Library Eindhoven, Vitalis WoonZorg Group, SintLucas, Rabobank Eindhoven/ Veldhoven, UIT in Eindhoven and Eindhoven News.

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