Refugee art show by Love Without Borders

Love Without Borders will be presenting a refugee art show in Eindhoven, for one day only. It will be on 23 September 2018 at Soulkitchen,Torenallee 55, 5617 BA Eindhoven, Strijp-S. The show will be from 12:00 to 18:00hrs.

Love Without Borders is an organisation which aims to empower refugees who live in Greek camps. They provide a platform, tools and support so refugees can express their emotions in art, which helps them to overcome trauma. Their artwork can serve as a means to better their economic position.

Through the platform, they can also spread awareness of their miserable conditions in the shelters where they live as well as giving exposure to their pieces of art.

Love Without Borders provides donation-funded art supplies to the refugees–men, women, and children alike. They put an effort in organising exhibitions and sell the resulting works of art around the world with the help of communities who host art shows. They return one hundred percent of the earnings from the sale of refugees’ artwork to the artist who created the piece.

They additionally raise funds for all other day-to-day supplies for these and other refugees living in the camps.

In 2015, the founder, Kayra Martinez, started organizing collections of needed items like coats and warm clothing in her Frankfurt community and later decided to volunteer in the refugee camps in the north of Greece. She was a flight attendant for United Airlines based in Frankfurt, Germany. She heard about the horrible conditions in which asylum seekers were made to live in and she wanted to make a difference.

The entrance to the art show is free and there will be delicious food and discussion opportunities too.

Here you can find more information on Love Without Borders. Or you can mail them om

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