Kobanê workgroup is organising an event on Freedom, Equality and Hope in Northern Syria called Stories of eye witnesses.It will be on Friday 6 July from 17:45 to 21:30 at S-Plaza.

Besides the stories there will be a benefit meal and music. 

Admission is free and they ask €8 p.p to cover the cost of the meal. Your donations over and above this will go towards school HIVI in Kobane.

 Program: A resident of northern Syria will come to Eindhoven for this meeting with a personal story about life in this part of Syria before 2011: “From oppression to self-government”.

Jodi Liefhebber from Almere is just back from a trip through northern Syria and will give a presentation: “Jin, Jiyan, Azady: Woman, Life, Freedom in Rojava”.

Constance van Dorp reports on a humanitarian project: “Hîvî means Hope and is the name of a school”.

Peace in the Middle East is still far away. But large parts of northern Syria are safe enough. The inhabitants feel free of Assad and ISIS and try to build a new society. In the city of Kobane/ Ayn al-Arab, the Women’s Council has established a school for about 25 handicapped children, who were neglected and forgotten during the war. The name of the school is Hîvî, this means Hope. Eindhoven citizens donated 10,000 EUR for this school. With this amount, a building is currently being refurbished and equipped for the education of 50 disabled children.

You can find S-Plaza at Bleekweg 1F in Eindhoven.  For more information eindhkbn.events@gmail.com or via www.vredesburo.nl 


For Eindhoven News by Remco

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