No skating rink in the city this year: tall present tower instead

Eindhoven's new christmas parcel tower
PC: Studio 040 Christmas present tower

Anyone who has looked around the 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven has probably noticed something. This week, a real present tower has been erected. With this initiative, entrepreneurs’ association Stichting Binnenstad Eindhoven (SBE) wants to attract more people to the city centre.

It is something different than the traditional Christmas market. The SBE wants to end the year in a festive way with the ‘Wrap up the Year’ campaign. “In Eindhoven we like to do things a bit differently. This December, the city has been wrapped with Eindhoven gift paper” said Mariette Vetter of SBE.

Eye catcher

The ten-metre-high present tower, which was financed by the entrepreneurs themselves, is intended, according to Vetter, as an eye-catcher to guide people to the shops. “You can see the structure from a great distance, for example when you come from the station. You can’t go inside the tower, but diorama boxes with a winter landscape can be viewed within two of the presents.”

Skating rink

Within the ‘Wrap up the Year’ campaign there is no room for a Christmas market and an ice rink. “We thought an ice rink was a bit outdated and therefore not suitable for Eindhoven. The Christmas atmosphere will certainly be there with lighting, colourful shop windows, a music programme and other activities in the city. This was something we wanted to do before, but was postponed due to corona virus.” said Vetter.

According to Vetter, the energy crisis has nothing to do with these innovative plans, although that does of course play a role. “An ice rink uses copious amounts of energy, so we won’t have those costs this year. Although we are putting more money into mood lighting than in previous years due to the energy crisis.”


Source: Studio 040

Translated by: Louise Peeters

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