Geldrop prevents flooding with new sewer system

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The Municipality of Geldrop hopes to tackle extreme flooding with a new sewer system. Pipes will be constructed to drain the wastewater and rainwater separately. In case of a new heavy rainfall, this should prevent streets from flooding or water from flowing into houses, as it did in June 2020.

The Municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo has taken this decision to limit flooding in the future. The water discharge in this area will no longer be climate proof though, according to the municipality. This is because the current more sustainable sewer system cannot handle the amount of precipitation that comes down during a heavy rainfall. As a result, water remains in the streets and in some cases even flows into homes.

Sewer system

Work in the Geldrop streets Gerst, Koninginnestraat, Farin, Bombur and Ori started last week and is being carried out in phases. There will be a separate sewer system, with wastewater draining into one pipe and rainwater into another.

Residents living in the streets will be inconvenienced by the work, according to the municipality. For example, parking spaces will not be accessible for a while and streets may also be closed off to cars. Streets will remain accessible for cyclists and pedestrians. Household waste collection will also continue as usual.

Green roof

Not only the municipality is taking measures to limit flooding in the future, residents can also do their part. For example, residents can disconnect their homes from the public sewer system, allowing rainwater to run directly into the garden. Installing a green roof or removing paving should improve the drainage of rainwater.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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