Philips spin-off opens its ink factory at Strijp-T

Picture Courtesy: Elstar Dynamics on Studio040

Mayor John Jorritsma opened the first production line of Elstar Dynamics on Monday. At Strijp-T, the Philips spin-off will focus on ink production for smart windows. The first product is expected to be on the market in 2025.


Part of the Philips family till 2005, the company initially focused on the development of electronic paper and electronic ink. Much later, the company found that the application of such electronic inks to be most effective on smart windows.

By offering the technology through glass companies, it is no longer necessary to invest in things such as blinds. “But also think of greenhouses, for example. Blinds or curtains cannot be used there, but our smart windows can,” says CFO Jos Hofs.


“How it works is easy to explain,” says CFO Jos Hofs. “We put two glass plates on top of each other and the ink comes between them. We can control that ink by means of an electromagnetic field. This way we can ensure that the ink darkens a specific spot in the windows. It is also possible to make the windows completely dark, less dark or completely transparent. We are now doing that with black, but in principle, it could also be done with all other colours.”


In the new ink factory, Elstar Dynamics can produce ink for 300,000 to 400,000 square meters of window area. Hofs expects to be able to make the smart windows ten times cheaper than their competitors. “We believe that we can become a world leader in this field with the wide application and cheap production technology. The company now employs 18 people, but we hope to be able to grow significantly with a major investor,” says Hofs.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha



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