Farmers’ protest on Wednesday: police advise citizens to work from home

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File picture of farmers protest at Eindhoven airport. Image source: Studio040

The Zeeland-West-Brabant police are calling on citizens to work from home during the farmers protest against the nitrogen policy on Wednesday. Hundreds of farmers are expected to drive on the highway with tractors, although that is prohibited.

Various farmers action groups, including Farmers Defense Force, called for protests in the outskirts of Stroe on Wednesday. “We are receiving signals that many farmers are prepared to protest on Wednesday,” says Annet de Jonge, Commander in charge of Farmers’ Protests activities for the Zeeland-West-Brabant police.

“We wish farmers well”.

“We are especially concerned that we are a small country, but that we have many farmers who are willing to protest. Demonstrations should be possible because we care about the farmers and they have the right to protest, but there are some things we cannot tolerate.”

The police have prohibited the tractors on the highway and this is how the police want to prevent major traffic disruption. “Tractors are not allowed on the highway for a reason. We want to prevent emergency workers and other traffic from having difficulty on the highway.”

“In addition, we do not tolerate road barricades or distribution centres. If we look at the social aspect, we will not tolerate any insults or threats to police officers either.”

“We will issue fines of 390 euros”.

The police will hand out fines of 390 euros for any road disruption on the highway. The police therefore have a clear message to the farmers and citizens. “We call on farmers to drive to Stroe by car or bus. Moreover, we advise citizens to work from home as much as possible. AgentsPolice officers cannot be at every intersection, but we will try to keep the large streams of tractors off the highway.”

“The farmers’ protests will not be over after Wednesday.”

Even after the demonstration announced on Wednesday, the police will be on alert. “We know that the farmers’ protests will not end after Wednesday. Every day we decide how we can best maintain order.”

Source: Omroepbrabant

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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