GL/PvdA and PVV consolidate in the region

In contrast to a large part of Brabant, where the PVV became the largest party during the European elections, Groen Links/PvdA flex in Eindhoven. The left-wing parties were the winners in Eindhoven, Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten, Waalre and Son en Breugel. Wilders and co received the most votes in Best, Geldrop-Mierlo and Veldhoven.

PVV achieved a significant increase in votes in all municipalities. The profit in Eindhoven was ‘only’ 9.8 percent; In municipalities such as Best (+16), Veldhoven (+16.1) and Geldrop-Mierlo (+16.4), Wilders’ party was even more popular.

At the same time, confidence in many other parties decreased. GL/PvdA lost throughout the region. The loss varied from -0.6 percent in Geldrop-Mierlo to -10.7 percent in Veldhoven. This also applied to a greater or lesser extent to the VVD, the BBB and NSC.

The top 3 in the region:

  • Eindhoven: 1. GL/PvdA, 2. PVV, 3. D66
  • Best: 1. PVV, 2. GL/PvdA, 3. VVD
  • Geldrop-Mierlo: 1. PVV, 2. GL/PvdA, CDA
  • Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten: 1. GL/PvdA, 2. VVD, PVV
  • Waalre: 1. CL/PvdA, 2. VVD., PVV
  • Son and Breugel: 1. GL/PvdA, 2. VVD, PVV
  • Veldhoven: 1. PVV, 2. GL/PvdA, 3. VVD


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