Eindhoven gets an Islamic secondary school

The Ministry of Education has approved an application for an Islamic secondary school in Eindhoven.

That application was initiated by the Islamic Education Southeast Netherlands Foundation (IEZO). Currently, the foundation has three primary schools, including the Islamic primary school in Kronehoef. The foundation also has a primary school in Venlo and Roermond.

In addition, the foundation wished for a secondary school on an ‘Islamic basis’. Now, that wish comes true. The approval of the Ministry of Education means that the municipality must provide housing. Medina College Eindhoven, as the school will be called, reacts enthusiastically to the ministry’s decision.

“We thank Allah for this great favour. We thank all volunteers, Muslims and non-Muslims, mosques, foundations and associations who have helped and supported us. We look forward to working together to create a bright future for our young people to build,” the school said in a Facebook post.

It is not yet clear where the school will be located within the city, and it is not yet known when the school will open its doors.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by Yawar Abbas

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