Overnight Pro-Palestinian demonstrations on TU/e grounds

Data of thousands of TU/e students on the street after hack
Photo Credit: Studio040

The pro-Palestinian demonstrators who demonstrated at the TU/e campus on Monday also spent the night on the university grounds. Agreements have been made with Eindhoven University not to enter buildings or erect barricades.

This happened previously in Amsterdam, where protests by pro-Palestinian demonstrators got out of hand. The protest in Eindhoven is going smoothly. The activists want the university board to reveal and sever ties with Israeli institutions because of the brutal war violence in the Gaza Strip. Demonstrations are happening at universities in other cities.

Moving Tents

The police stopped by TU/e. Security here also keeps an eye on things. On Monday evening, in consultation with the board, they permitted the demonstration to continue. The demonstrators initially stood with their tents on a field outside but have moved to the Metaforum, a building with a large roof.

Source: Studio040

Translate: Ayşenur Kuran

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  1. It’s totally racist actions from the university management that put the Ukrainian flag and not the Palestinian flag although what the Palestinian suffered is much more than Ukrainian and the university has free space for another flag .


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