Indian Ratha Yatra in the centrum

On Saturday, May 25, there is plenty of Indian culture to experience in the city centre of Eindhoven during the Ratha Yatra festival.

On 18 Septemberplein, there will be music performances and Indian dances, both in classical and contemporary styles. From 11 am, there are also several stalls with typical Indian clothing and snacks. There is also a philosophy stall with books, brochures, meditation sets, and a henna artist. And of course yoga demonstrations are also given. 

Ratha Yatra

The highlight of the festival is the Ratha Yatra, a noisy and colorful procession that passes through the city center of Eindhoven every year . The cart is accompanied by bells, drum rolls, incense, dancing and singing. This year too, the parade will depart from 18 Septemberplein at 3 p.m. The festival, which is all about tolerance and non-violence, is celebrated in all parts of the world.


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