ASML whetting apetite of Eindhoven with social goals

ASML makes Eindhoven 'nice' with social goals by extension
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The Eindhoven city council was informed on Tuesday afternoon by two ASML executives about what the expansion of the chip manufacturer will look like. The pair also elaborated on what social responsibility the city can expect from the tech giant.

ASML sent two representatives to the City Hall in Eindhoven. Financial director Roger Dassen and Lucas van Grinsven, responsible for the social branch of the company, gave a presentation to the Eindhoven city council. The pair discussed ASML’s expansion plans.

The chip manufacturer wants to grow significantly in the region and has BIC Noord in mind as a location for this. The site is part of Brainport Industries Campus. There is room for 20,000 new jobs here. The Municipality of Eindhoven previously purchased part of the land. As a result, eighty per cent of the necessary land is owned. The remaining twenty per cent is still needed to start construction, according to both the municipality and ASML.

The Municipality of Eindhoven has the pre-emptive right to acquire that land. This means that they are the first to have the option to purchase on the property. If this goes wrong, the municipality can proceed with expropriation. It is expected that this card will not have to be drawn.

Agreements Beethoven

There is little doubt whether the underlying agreements in the Beethoven project will be fulfilled by the new national government (PVV (party for freedom), BBB (farmer citizen movement), VVD (people’s party for freedom and democracy) and NSC (new social contract)). The Tweede Kamer (house of representatives) will debate this on 3 June and it is reported that the billion-dollar investment can count on broad support. “I would be surprised if this path is deviated from”, Dassen said.

Social role

ASML’s growth affects the city and the region. It squeaks and creaks on various subjects. Van Grinsven and Dassen emphasise that ASML takes its social responsibility. “We can be expected to make a contribution and we are making it”, Dassen says.

This makes it possible for all primary schools in the region to apply for technology education. Van Grinsven: “The lessons are given by one of our employees”. The pressure on healthcare, which was raised by the Eindhoven council, is also recognised by ASML. “But we do not train general practitioners”, Dassen explains.

Residential construction

The chip manufacturer does want to make a significant contribution to solving the problems surrounding housing construction. “Over the next fifteen years, we want to help build around 25,000 new homes. This equates to 1,500 homes a year”, Van Grinsven calculates. At the ‘TAC Living’ project (at Temporary Art Center) on Vonderweg in Eindhoven, Woonbedrijf will provide 249 homes. Part of the TAC site will be retained as a creative and cultural breeding ground. TAC Living is seen as a shining example.
ASML says it spends around €2,500 per employee per year on social purposes.

The Eindhoven council will continue the debate on the expansion of ASML on 4 June. A decision on the tech giant’s growth plans will be made in mid-June.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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