Honorary citizens of Eindhoven- Peter Kentie and Eric Boselie

Peter Kentie and Eric Boselie awarded the highest award
Photo Credit: Studio040 / Eindhoven247

Peter Kentie and Eric Boselie are rewarded with the honorary citizens of Eindhoven. Both are leaving Eindhoven365 and Eindhoven247 respectively behind, but they are not leaving empty-handed. The two directors, each in their own way, put Eindhoven on the map. 

On Thursday, during their farewell, they were surprised by the Eindhoven city council. The council bestowed honorary citizenship on them- the city’s highest honour. And not without reason, as both Kentie and Boselie have made an important contribution to putting Eindhoven on the map at home and abroad.


Together with Eindhoven designers, Kentie developed a new logo for the city called ‘Vibes’. According to the municipality, what makes it special is that it can be used by anyone and has been widely embraced by residents, entrepreneurs, and the business community.


Kentie was praised for how, as a city marketer, he put Eindhoven further on the map at home and abroad. This was done with an innovative approach. Under Kentie’s leadership, Eindhoven365 won the prestigious City Nation Place Award, a kind of Oscar among marketing awards, in London in 2018. More than 100 neighbourhoods, cities, regions, and countries worldwide competed in the international competition. In the same year, Kentie was named Top Man of the Year in the Eindhoven region.


Park Hilaria and the liberation parade on 18 September. Boselie facilitated a variety of events from the Eindhoven municipality. He is also the spiritual father of the light event GLOW and its director during the first eleven editions. Meanwhile, GLOW has grown into one of Eindhoven’s leading events, with some 750,000 visitors every year.

‘With the help of events, Eindhoven247 ensures a clear positioning of Eindhoven. Boselie never lost sight of the traditional events, such as Park Hilaria, the Route of Light, and the celebration of 18 September. Eindhoven therefore quite rightly became Event City of the Year in 2018,’ the municipality said.

Numbers 66 and 67

Reason for the city council to put Peter Kentie and Eric Boselie in the limelight. They are the 66th and 67th honorary citizens of Eindhoven. In doing so, the pair follow in the footsteps of Guus Hiddink, Frits Philips, and veteran Joe Cattini, among others.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta.


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