Stricter door policy at shelter

Stricter door policy at shelter part of broad approach to homelessness issue
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The strict door policy at the homeless shelter on Visserstraat is just one of the measures the city government is taking. They want to combat the nuisance of homeless migrant workers. This, the college reports, following questions from SP (socialist party) about the city’s approach to homelessness.

The door policy is aimed at reducing nuisance caused by homeless EU citizens, the college says. Currently, only the most dire cases allow homeless migrant workers to enter the shelter.

The city council indicates that there are other initiatives to solve the problem. One of these is the ‘Kortdurende Opvang” (short-term reception) pilot. Within this pilot, homeless EU citizens are guided to work, including housing, or return to their country of origin within three to six weeks.

The city council stresses that both soft and hard approaches are needed to get the group of homeless people moving. For the hard approach, the city government is betting more on forced return for homeless EU citizens who cause a major nuisance.

Long term

For long-term solutions, the city council refers to the Actieplan EU-arbeidsmigranten 2024-2026 (EU migrant workers action plan 2024-2026). In this plan, the municipality is working to improve the living conditions of labour migrants in Eindhoven. This includes measures in the areas of work, housing, social support, safety and sustainable return.


The college further indicates that it wants to improve the registration of labour migrants so that there will be more insight into where these people stay. This will be done in part through better information and cooperation with employment agencies.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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