Residents feel ignored about demolition

Prinsejagt neighborhood Eindhoven
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Residents of Van Zinnicqstraat in Eindhoven’s Prinsejagt neighbourhood do not feel involved in the plans of housing corporation Woonbedrijf to demolish their homes. “Of course those new apartments have to be built somewhere, but then do it in proper consultation. This is just rude”.

The demolition of the forty-two homes was presented by Woonbedrijf last month. Because the neighborhood previously did not have a residents’ committee, Woonbedrijf discussed the plans with the Woonbedrijf Tenants Foundation (HVW). As a result, Woonbedrijf says it has sufficiently involved residents. According to Armando van Gent of HVW, the foundation did give a positive recommendation for the approach to the process, but not for the demolition.


“The fact that a residents’ committee was established, after the letter about the demolition of Prinsejagt was sent, is a signal that the efforts made to involve residents have not succeeded,” Van Gent says. He also indicated that HVW is asking the corporation to enter into talks with the residents’ committee, to restore trust.

“In this case, we chose not to leave Prinsejagt residents in uncertainty for a long time”, a Woonbedrijf spokesperson says. “When you start communicating much earlier, there is no social plan yet and you don’t get priority with moving to another property. This also brings uncertainty. Given the reactions we are getting, we are looking at how to deal with this in the future.”

Slap in the face

Aat Kater has lived in his home on the Van Zinnicqstraat for over 60 years. He expected to be able to live here for the rest of his life. The news that he had to leave his home was therefore hard on him: “That was really a blow, I never expected this.”

Consequently, he clearly does not agree with Woonbedrijf’s plans: “Apart from the fact that it has been rammed down my throat, it is very personal for me. I’ve lived here all my life. I was raised here and I know every blade of grass.” Aat has already resigned himself to a possible move: “Normally you look forward to a move, but not now.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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  1. Wrong! The not-so-independent Woonbedrijf Tenants Foundation (HVW) DID give a positive recommendation for the demolition. There is hard proof of this: a memo (of January 8, 2024) and the letter (of February 26, 2024) Woonbedrijf sent to the residents.


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