Expats are prepared for work in daycare

Summa College

Fourteen partners of expats will work at daycare centers in Eindhoven now that there are significant shortages in the sector. The internationals say they would like to make themselves useful in the region. This is a pilot at Summa College.

The pilot lasts eighteen weeks, during which the expats are trained as group helpers in childcare. The internationals want to be more involved in the community, while their partner is working at one of the many hundreds of technology companies. In addition, the prospect of a job can play a role in the choice to continue working in Eindhoven. “And not unimportant: there is a great need for trained staff in daycare. The expats’ partners are very motivated to get started,” explains Lara Poulsen, project leader at Summa College.


“It is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Mascha Delaey of Nummereen Childcare. “The internationals support the pedagogical staff in the daycare centers, which should reduce the workload. They also bring a different cultural background, which can be important in communication with parents and children from other countries. Moreover, we naturally hope that they will eventually be able to make the step from group helper to pedagogical employee.”


After completing the pilot, the expats will receive the MBO certificate for Pedagogical Climate in Childcare. They can then choose to continue studying to become a childcare pedagogical employee, a number of the participants have already chosen this.

Previously, more interns were deployed in the city to reduce childcare shortages. The Education Inspectorate did not agree.

Source: Studio040

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