EU Elections – How to vote?

European Elections 2024 – How to vote?

If you have followed the article series, you will know how the European Parliament works and why your vote matters, the final article will focus on how to vote in the European elections. 

Are you a Dutch citizen?

If you are a Dutch citizen, there is nothing to do but make sure to vote on the 6th of June! In the meantime, you can know which parties or European families represent your values!

Are you an EU citizen living in the Netherlands?

If you are an EU citizen living in the Netherlands, you can choose between voting in the Netherlands or the country of your nationality. You cannot vote in both. If you want to vote in the Netherlands, you must register with the Eindhoven municipality before the 23rd of April! You can find more information here(

Are you not an EU citizen?

Unfortunately, you are not able to vote in these elections. However, you can vote in the municipal elections 2026 if you have lived here for five years!

For Eindhoven News:

Guest writer- Carl De Liedekerke Beaufort, Campaign co-lead for Zuidoost Brabant, VOLT Europa.



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