Cities around Eindhoven feel the influence of Brainport

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The municipality of Weert is taking the growth of the Brainport region into account for its own growth plans through its Environmental Vision. Depending on developments in the Eindhoven region, the Limburg city expects growth that could be up to twice as high.

In its growth plans, Weert maintains a population growth of 10 percent in 2035, but that number can be adjusted to 20 percent in 2040. This is the reading in the draft of the municipality’s Environmental Vision.

Weert is part of the so-called Daily Urban System of the Brainport region, which means that there is a lot of commuting between Weert and the high-tech region. According to the Limburg broadcaster L1, more than 8,500 residents from Weert and Nederweert drive to Eindhoven every day.

The success of the flourishing high-tech industry in and around Eindhoven is also palpable in other North Brabant cities. In the metal sector alone, 46 percent of all international knowledge workers in the province work in the Brainport region, according to research by Decisio.

Den Bosch

The attraction of the sector is also felt in Den Bosch, among others. The provincial capital sees that Den Bosch is becoming more attractive as a location for tech companies. For example, the Veldhoven chip machine manufacturer ASML has established offices there, but there is also said to be interest from tech company Nexperia to establish itself in the city.

Den Bosch itself is also responding to the growth of Brainport by developing the Innovation Quarter in the Den Bosch railway zone, where many data and ICT companies are located. The number of knowledge workers has been steadily increasing in the city for years.


Finally, Tilburg also states that it feels the influence of the high-tech industry, especially because a number of Tilburg companies are suppliers to high-tech companies in and around Eindhoven. The number of knowledge workers is also high in Tilburg. However, many of them do not work in the high-tech industry but are affiliated with the university in the city.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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