City politicians have building plans in Rustenburg Street

City council have plans to build homes in Rustenberg
Boarded-up houses on Rustenburgstraat in Tongelre, Photo Credit: Studio040

89 new homes and more greenery. The majority of the Eindhoven city council has building plans in the Rustenburgstraat. This became clear during a meeting at city hall.

The houses in the Tongelre neighbourhood currently look abandoned. The windows and doors are boarded up with wood. It almost looks like a ghetto in America. This should change in the future. Housing corporation Trudo wants to demolish the 44 houses. It will replace them with 89 social housing units. Six houses will also be renovated.

On the streets

However, not everyone in the council is cheering for this. SP councillor Jannie Visscher has reservations about the demolition. “There will eventually be dozens of extra social housing units, but now it has increased the housing shortage. People with temporary use contracts have to look for a new home or end up on the street.”

That concern is shared by D66 committee member Joost Geertman. However, he looks at the bigger picture. “We think it weighs more heavily that there will be more new housing because that is a bigger solution to the housing shortage anyway,” he said.

Caller in the desert

In that respect, Visscher seems to be crying in the wilderness. She is in favour of renovation, but for many parties, that is a dead end. “You can take a broken bike to the bike shop a few times before you have to buy a new one,” said Volt’s Jacco Rubenkamp.

At the end of the meeting, it turns out Rubenkamp is not alone in that view. A majority say they are (cautiously) in favour of the building plans. Only the SP is decidedly negative and plans to submit motions and amendments.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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  1. You have the same problem as we do in the uk its not a shortage of houses its to many people that are coming to your country with all the other problems that come with it drugs knife and gun crime all on the rise and area’s becoming like another country then there will be a tipping point when you can’t do anything about it get because you will be outvoted in elections by the migrants

    • Eindhoven and surrounding area rely heavily on people from elsewhere. The chips machines manufacturers as well as the slaughterhouses employ large numbers from outside the country and outside Europe.


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