International Theatre Collective on stage with Festen

Festen from the International Theatre Collective on stage
Photo credit: International Theatre Collective

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven will be back early this spring with the theatre adaptation of ‘Festen’. The international cast can be seen in Pand P in Eindhoven between March 16 and 23.

Festen (Danish for The Party) is originally a 1998 Danish film directed by Thomas Vinterberg. David Eldridge’s theatre adaptation dates back to 2004, but is still extremely current. Festen is about transgressive behavior and how a society deals with that. It tells a story of perpetrators, victims and bystanders who don’t know what to do, and therefore do nothing.

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven (ITCE) makes theatre productions for an international audience. The topics of the plays match with current themes that are recognizable for both internationals and locals.
“The diversity of the international community is seen as a source of wealth for developing plays. Cast and crew bring their cultural background and stories which contribute to the content, development, and design of the productions.

The New Continent

With their previous performance ‘The New Continent’- also fully English spoken – they made quite an impression. Twenty local and international talents showed their worth on stage in a performance that beautifully reflected the polarisation during the corona pandemic.

Ahead of the Festen performance, an Active Bystander Workshop will also be organised on Sunday 3 March, in collaboration with Eindhoven Library and Fairspace.

More information about the English-language performance dates and prices can be found on the Pand P website or at the ITC Eindhoven website.

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