Easter eggs with hard cash

hidden easter eggs for cash
Photo credit: Studio040

At Christmas, he treated a thousand poor people to a five-course dinner. And now that Easter is approaching, Hugo van Rooij has come up with something new. He will hide chocolate eggs around St. Peter’s Church that can be exchanged for hard cash. 

“A kind of lottery”, says Van Rooij, who, in his own words, is all too often the last lifeline for poor people. “I bought easter bunnies and eggs. I will hide them around the St. Petruskerk (Peter’s Church) at Easter. They all get a number and those numbers correspond to prizes. Of course, I don’t put money into the eggs themselves. Otherwise, I’ll have to call in security”.

The eggs are worth twenty euros and there is also a bunny that is worth 50 euros. There will also be a french fries cart and other refreshments will be distributed.

The fact that there was already a man in the news this week who is hiding money in Eindhoven is pure coincidence, says Hugo. It also had not occurred to him that the game could be experienced as humiliating by visitors to his event.

“Easter is a fun and cheerful celebration. By hiding those eggs I want to give people that childish feeling again. We try to give a prize to all people. And even if they buy a packet of rolling tobacco; if they are happy, I am happy too”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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