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There should be an investigation into what the regional business community should contribute financially, to cushion the negative consequences of the rapid growth of Brainport. That is the opinion of a majority of the Eindhoven city council.

The GroenLinks (green left party), Volt, Partij voor de Dieren (party for the animals), Ouderen Appèl (elderly appeal), D66 (democrats) and SP (socialist party) parties are calling for this. The groups believe that the Eindhoven city council should get to work to see what the business community can contribute.

Growth with growing pains

The reason is the rapid economic growth of the Eindhoven region. From home and abroad, thousands of people come to the region looking for a job at one of the many high-performing technology companies. The growth leads to numerous problems. For example, the housing shortage is substantial, roads are congested and there is a threat of a shortage of electricity, general practitioners and teachers. The six Eindhoven political parties say again that business has a responsibility in this. Employees from companies such as chip machine manufacturer ASML are also causing bottlenecks in the housing market, among others.


In addition to an investigation, the groups also want the Eindhoven city government to make more work of a fund to keep housing production going. Earlier, the municipality announced to set up such a fund together with the business community. With private money, building projects that are difficult to achieve could then possibly be realised. The six political parties now want to know whether steps have been taken in the meantime.


Furthermore, the groups wonder whether the public-private fund cannot be merged with a fund that ASML itself is working on. Indeed, last week the Veldhoven concern made it clear that it will invest money in housing construction in order to contribute to fighting the housing shortage in the region. GroenLinks, Volt, Partij voor de Dieren, Ouderen Appèl, D66 and SP further believe that ASML should be more ambitious within its own fund when it comes to the amount of affordable housing.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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