Bygg wins tender for Stadhuisplein renovation

Bygg Stadhuisplein architecture design
Photo credit: Municipality of Eindhoven

The municipality of Eindhoven has awarded the development of Stadhuisplein to architectural firm Bygg Architecture & Design. The agency won partly thanks to the plan to have the Dommel run through the square.

In September, three architectural firms presented their plans for Stadhuisplein. “We bring the Dommel in, so we get the water in the city. We do this by meandering the Dommel. In combination with the greenery, we get a very diverse centre.”

“We try to keep the city liveable for the future with greenery and water. Of course, many residents will be added and so you add a lot of stone, and you have to counter that with greenery and water to cool the city,” said architect Tim Kouthoofd when presenting the plans.

Skating and a pavilion

The municipality of Eindhoven liked that idea better than the other plans, which were mainly aimed at adding a lot of greenery to the square. In addition to allowing the Dommel to flow through Stadhuisplein, Bygg also wants to make room for a pavilion. In addition, there must also be room for skating.

A lime tree should be placed in the centre of the square and the liberation monument should be placed prominently on the water. The agency also wants to connect the green roofs of the new buildings on the square with natural bridges.


It will take some time before a new town hall square is actually built. Bygg can now start developing the plans; the intention is that a plan can be submitted to the municipal council in the autumn of 2024.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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