Bicycle tunnel and mini-bus station in Veldhoven ready

Kempenbaan oost bicycle tunnel
Photo credit: Studio040

Kempenbaan Oost, the bicycle tunnel and the mini-bus station in Veldhoven were officially put into use on Tuesday evening.

Councillor Jeroen Rooijakkers from the municipality of Veldhoven rode through the tunnel together with Lucas van Grinsven (ASML), David Vermeire (Boskalis) and Willem de Bruijn (Fietsersbond Veldhoven). The project should provide improvements for all road users.

“The flow of traffic is improving, cyclists and pedestrians can cross the Kempenbaan quickly and safely and bus users can get to the bus stop via a modern environment,” says Rooijakkers.

About the bicycle tunnel

The new bicycle tunnel and the mini-bus station are located near the Provincialeweg. There is also an underground bicycle shed, stairs and elevator. The material in the ceiling of the bicycle tunnel absorbs sound well and therefore reduces reverberation. The pattern of a chip is visible in the walls of the tunnel. This is a reference to Brainport.

The redesign is part of the package of measures to keep the De Run industrial estate accessible. This package of measures is a collaboration between the municipalities of Veldhoven and Eindhoven, the province of North Brabant, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and ASML. “The traffic situation is now a lot safer,” said a spokesperson for the chip manufacturer.


Work is still being done in a number of places. For example, to build footpaths. In addition, there will be a bench on the north side with a view of the bicycle tunnel. And trees and shrubs are planted in the surrounding area.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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