High rise buildings in Nuenen?

Housing in Nuenen
Photo Credit: Studio040/ Alain Heeren

To meet the demand for social housing, the Municipality of Nuenen is seriously considering high-rise buildings in the northern part of the Nuenen-West new construction project. The intention is that at least thirty per cent of the 425 homes in this part of the project fall within the category ‘social housing’.

In addition to the plans for these additional homes, the municipality is also looking for a location for a primary school and twenty caravans for Sinti families. The intention is to create a total of 43 new places before 2030.

It is remarkable that the possibility of another primary school is being investigated. After all, the new neighbourhood already has a school: Het Mooiste Blauw (the most beautiful blue). However, this building is already too small for the large number of children aged up to twelve years.

Delivery in 2040

The municipal council must still agree to all adjustments. A decision should be made at the end of this year. The district is scheduled for completion in 2040. About sixteen hundred homes will have been built by then.

Nuenen West is located in Dommeldal between Vorsterdijk, Dubbestraat and Boord. A rural area between Nuenen and Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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