Nuenen seeks new Vincent van Gogh

Drawing what Van ogh painted photo credit: Studio040/Pleun Wolters

Anyone who thinks of Nuenen thinks of Vincent van Gogh. The world-famous painter and former Nuenen resident put the village on the map. Not only with his art, but also through his turbulent life. More than a century after his untimely end, Nuenen is looking for the new Vincent among young inhabitants. Because of their drawing skills, that is.

Fifteen would-be Vincent van Goghs have been chosen for Van Gogh Village’s new talent programme. The youngsters, aged between 10 and 14, will receive master classes, drawing lessons and follow in the painter’s footsteps.

For example, like Vincent, they will draw the Van Gogh church using new techniques they have learned. “I do realise that Vincent also stood here painting a few years ago. And he probably thought the same as us: I’m going to try to draw this,” says Diede.

New Vincent

At the end of the nine-week run, there will be an exhibition. One of the youngsters will also be voted the new Vincent. Quite an honour, of course, but the main aim is for the participants to keep drawing. Because, according to the organisation, that is increasingly left out at that age.

“They are just moving on to secondary school. They get busy with girlfriends and homework. As a result, the creative side recedes a bit into the background,” explains supervisor Silvie van Kemenade.

The new Vincent van Gogh will be announced in December. “I am not going to whine about wanting to become the new Vincent, but it is a wish,” says one of the participants.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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