Inventors of the Mars chine and Limosjiene win prizes at Maker Faire

Winners awarded in makers faire
Mars-chine and Limosjiene awarded in maker faire . Pic credit : Makers faire Eindhoven

The inventors behind the Limosjiene and Mars-chine won prizes at the tenth edition of Maker Fair Eindhoven. Jan Enning received the award for best product. The award for best maker was presented to Maurits Brock, Jorg Duitsman, Kim Duitsman and Wiljam van der Put. Both winners received a trophy as well as a cash prize of 500 euros.

The Innovation Awards are presented annually to the most innovative and promising makers and products. This edition, the jury chose the Limosjiene, a lemonade mixing machine, and Mars-chine, an invention that allows music and technology to create rhythms. And for a reason.

“Best Maker has shown a unique combination of three times ‘making’: making music, making technology and making something together. It fits Eindhoven and the region perfectly, namely through technology you are enticed to make music, so you also learn from music and technology. Brilliant!”, said jury member Bert-Jan Woertman.


The choice of Limosjiene did not come out of the blue either. “Best Product is a perfect example of the two legs of the city of Eindhoven: design and technology come together there in the ultimate form of a product where everything has been given consideration. Limosjiene single-handedly makes everything come together in one product. It is user-friendly, it works great and is just finished. It can be scaled up as is to a product you introduce into the market,” Woertman concludes his explanation.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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