Construction work on the Den Hof has commenced

Construction of Den Hof
Councillor Suzan van de Goor officially starts the renovation. Photo credit: Studio040

Electric construction machines at work in Den Hof. The shopping centre in Aalst-Waalre is going through a major overhaul, after years of planning. It must become a ‘lively village heart’, with more greenery. Wednesday was the official starting date.

Councillor Suzan van de Goor – with some help – has started the archaeological research work. Once that has been completed, the renovation can really begin. Jurgen van Uijthoven, owner of the road construction company of the same name: “The old paving will be removed and a new sewer will be installed. The trees will be preserved as much as possible and new greenery will be planted.”

The work will take place in phases, but will still have consequences for the entrepreneurs and residents of the shopping centre. According to the municipality, she has always entered into discussions with the neighborhood. So that no one is faced with any big surprises. It has also been agreed that from November the centre will temporarily be 100 percent accessible again, so that people can ‘normally’ do their shopping for the holidays.

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Dirk van Daal, project leader of ‘Vitaal Dorpshart’: “We stood on the square a few times to inform people. Complete with the designs and drawings. So that we could take shoppers, entrepreneurs and residents into the development of the plans. We allowed everyone to participate in the discussions and participate in the decision-making process, ultimately arriving at the final design.”

“There is also a construction app, in which we can follow everything,” says Monique Oosterveld, from home and gift shop Navidarte. “But also how long it takes. I find this very useful. Moreover, they have been to the store very often to tell us what will happen.”


The wishes, desires and demands of local residents and retailers have also been taken into account, says Menno Bertram of the business association BIZ. “The catering square, among other things, will be upgraded and the lighting will be addressed. Internet points will be added, so that Den Hof is also prepared for the future.”

The municipality of Waalre has also opted for water storage, more greenery and the installation of seating areas. Now we have to wait and temporarily deal with the nuisance. Until 2025, when the renovated village center is ready. Monique: “Yes, we are looking forward to that!”


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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