Neighbours and politicians against removal of playground

Playing ground Schuttersbosch
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Children in the Eindhoven neighbourhood of Schuttersbosch will soon have no place left to play. The playground at Rendierveld will have to make way for housing, while the arrival of a replacement play facility is not on the agenda. Therefore, the neighbourhood is taking action, and the CDA (Christian democrats) and the OAE (Elderly Appeal Eindhoven) have asked council questions.

Neighbourhood resident Simone de Jong started a petition. In doing so, she managed to collect over a hundred signatures. According to her and the signatories, the presence of a playground is necessary, since many families with children live there and more children will move to the neighbourhood.

“We want the children to have a place where they can meet and play. We are aware that it will be a search where to place a playground then. Our goal is at least preservation of trees and a natural playground so that it fits within the neighborhood”, the initiator writes.

She says it is important for children to be able to meet each other. “You used to go to the playground to play with children. You didn’t have to meet up for that. I wish children of today that too”, she says. While she is aware of the need to build, she also believes it is important for children to be able to connect with each other. Many children already live in the neighbourhood, and with new construction already underway, even more are expected.

Great need

Local politicians are also concerned about the disappearance of a playground in the neighbourhood. Remco van Dooren of the CDA has asked council questions. “It is important that children can play outside”, he explained. “And in building plans, things like this should just be included. Providing a playground for children doesn’t seem like a very big deal to me”. Dré Rennenberg of the OAE joined the council’s questions. “We can keep building, but the living space of citizens must also be taken into account”, Rennenberg said. “And especially for small citizens”. The council members want to know if the city council agrees that there should be a permanent play area. Finally, the politicians are curious if the city council will work with the neighbourhood to determine what the play facility should look like.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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