Neighbourhood unhappy with high rises

Residents of the Oude Haven in Eindhoven are not happy with the new construction plans in their neighbourhood. Between the Vestdijk, the Bleekweg and the Kleine Bleekweg, three residential towers between nine and eleven floors will be built.

“You have to see what fits in the habitat,” says Han Neve, of the Oude Haven residents’ committee. According to him, the high-rise buildings do not fit in with all the low-rise buildings that are now there, some of which also have a cultural-historical value. “The mix between high and low buildings causes the atmosphere in the neighbourhood to be lost,” emphasises local resident Luc Verschuuren.

Housing shortage

Eindhoven is facing a huge construction challenge. In the next four years, 12,000 new homes must be built to combat the housing shortage. In addition, the region is also growing enormously, which causes even more home seekers. The residents understand that there must be construction. “But look what fits in the neighbourhood,” says Neve. “It may be a matter of taste, but developers always go straight to high-rise. There are other options.”


The residents feel that they have not been included enough in the planning process. They think they are not being heard. Only a few residents were invited to an information evening. The PvdA is outraged and believes that residents should be more involved in building plans. The coalition party has asked the city council for clarification.

“If there is any dissatisfaction at this stage, start looking together now at better options,” says Tjeerd Ritmeester of the PvdA. “If you enter into dialogue with the neighbourhood, you will eventually get a much better result.”

Plan not adjusted

Blake Properties BV is behind the development of the new building. “The municipality has agreed on the size and volume of the plan,” says Lee Foolen, one of the developers. The plans to build high-rise are therefore likely to remain. The residential tower will be about 36 meters. “We still need a final plan. Until then, people can still challenge the plans with the municipality. He determines whether it is justified and then the zoning plan can still be adjusted.”

Foolen disagrees with the criticism that residents have not been sufficiently involved in the plans. “We are still in a very early stage. After the first plans were made, we immediately organised an information evening,” he says. An information evening will be held at a later stage. In addition, Foolen says that people can always come to the developer individually to discuss plans.

Cultural and historical value

“The first dairy factory in Eindhoven used to be here,” says Han Neve, pointing to where a restaurant is now located. “But this is all going away now.” Ritmeester believes that more attention should be paid to the neighbourhood when it comes to new construction. “We are not against high-rise buildings. A lot of housing needs to be added. But that must be done in places where it is appropriate, such as KnoopXL or the city centre.” According to the council member, the municipality has already demolished a lot in the past and it must be examined whether new construction fits into the picture.

According to Foolen, people will always have mixed feelings about new developments. “There are always people who are critical. But every city must be built.”

If the plan goes ahead as planned, construction could start as early as 2025

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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