Skatepark Strijp-S narrowly escapes massive water damage
Photo Credit- Studio040- Lola Zopfi

The heavy rain that fell on Eindhoven around noon on Sunday caused an acute problem at Area 51. The skate park only just escaped serious water damage.

Due to a nearby plot of higher lying ground, a large amount of rainwater unexpectedly flowed down along the drains at Strijp-S. As a result, a lot of rainwater entered the Area 51 building and the practice range flooded. “The water also ran directly into a room where all kinds of equipment were stored,” said director Pim van de Bos. “We removed everything very quickly. Now we have to wait and see how it dries up and what the insurance says.”

Discussions are being held with housing corporation Trudo on how this type of flooding can be prevented from now on. According to Van de Bos, the drainage of rainwater at Strijp-S is no worse than elsewhere in the city.

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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