No ban on rental scooters

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There will be no ban on rental scooters in Eindhoven, despite efforts from GroenLinks and PvdA. The coalition parties have been advocating the ban, but have received insufficient support from other parties.

GroenLinks came up with a proposal for a ban. Reason: now there is a lot of nuisance from electric rental scooters. They are often parked incorrectly. According to GroenLinks, there are also healthier alternatives, such as the bicycle.

The proposal therefore failed to win a majority in the city council on Tuesday evening. CDA, D66, VVD and Volt, among others, voted against. Alderman Monique Esselbrugge also saw little interest.


City politicians think a ban goes too far. The rental scooters can help reduce car traffic in the city. Parking nuisance can also be reduced in other ways. For example, more is expected from raising the minimum age for scooter users to 18 years. Esselbrugge also emphasized that she wants to set up extra drop zones. These are special places where the rental scooters can be parked.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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