Tenants with communal heating sceptical

Tenants Eindhoven/Geldrop
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Tenants in Eindhoven and Geldrop with communal energy systems will still receive compensation. The national government has plans to provide an allowance to cover the increased costs. ‘Woonbedrijf’ tenants in particular will benefit from this, although it remains to be seen whether all costs will be covered.

Tenants with lcommunal heating have not yet received compensation for the increased energy prices, while others with their own energy contract did. “We are pleased that there will now finally be compensation. It is actually a forgotten group of tenants, who are now finally being helped. It is great that the government is now stepping in”, a spokesman for Woonbedrijf told Studio040.

The Eindhoven corporation will submit the application itself, so the tenants do not have to do anything. “We let the tenants know that everything about the compensation will be on our website on Friday 14 April. We still have to sort everything out first and that will be quite a job. The file has around forty pages, so that takes some time. If all goes well, the allowance will apply for the whole of 2023″‘.

The allowances for the first six months are structured in different ways, according to the government. For example, there are different fees for communal gas and electricity. Reimbursements are added together for households with both communal heating and communal electricity. Whether there will also be compensation for the second half of 2023 is not yet known.

Seeing is believing
Residents of the terraced flats on Reinoutlaan in Geldrop will also receive their compensation, according to Woonbedrijf. In December 2022, they shared their complaints at Studio040 about the tripling of the rent. “In the end, my energy bill went from €143 to €395 per month, plus the service costs of €50 per month”, Mart Beks explains.

Beks knows of the compensation, but is not yet convinced. “Seeing is believing. Woonbedrijf reports very little to tenants and the amount of the compensation is not yet known. So we are anxiously awaiting what is to come”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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