Coalition water board without BBB

De Dommel near Boxtel Picture credit: Wikimedia commons

Water Natuurlijk, VVD, Partij van de Arbeid, Natuurterreinen and Ongebouwd* are the five parties that will sit around the table to form a new coalition for Waterschap de Dommel. This is the recommendation of explorer Roel van Gurp.

Interestingly, the big newcomer of last month’s water board elections, Boer Burger Beweging, remains out of the picture. After the winner Water Natuurlijk, the VVD and BBB emerged as the next largest parties.

Majority vote

Explorer Roel van Gurp held talks with 11 political groups on the water authority’s general board in recent weeks. The five parties in his proposed coalition together occupy 18 of the 30 seats on the general board of Waterschap de Dommel. Van Gurp: “I see good principles and support for a new governance programme the intended coalition parties.”

Van Gurp will now continue to shape the coalition. During this formation period, the composition of the executive board will also be discussed.

*Natuurterreinen and Ongebouwd are not parties as such, but two secure seats to represent the interests of nature conservation and farming, respectively. (EN, Greta)

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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