CDA wants senior housing in old church Jagershoef

Jagershoef senior apartments
Photo credit: Google Streetview/Studio040

The CDA (christian democrats) has asked council questions about the use of the former church in Jagershoef. Apartments for sale would be built there and the Eindhoven city council would be positive about those plans. But the CDA group wonders whether better plans are not conceivable.

After all, the neighbourhood would need more senior housing. Elderly people who now live alone or in pairs in larger family homes would be eager to live smaller. Opportunities for that are now lacking.

The CDA believes that if senior apartments could be built on the site of the former church, the elderly could move into the neighbourhood, and immediately make room for families with small children. In this way, both target groups will be helped, the CDA said.

Moreover, because in the area vision it is mentioned that throughput is desired in the neighbourhood, so that young adults also move to Jagershoef, the CDA finds the current plans insufficient.

Activity center
In addition, the group states that the activity center can also be included in the plans. That building would also be outdated. By redeveloping a wider area, larger steps can be taken, according to the group.

Moreover, the current plan with the condominiums has some shortcomings. According to the CDA, it is not realistic to think that elderly people will leave social housing for owner-occupied apartments.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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