‘Alleen met de goden’ new performance by Afslag Eindhoven

Alleen met de goden - Alone with the Gods
Photo credit: Afslag Eindhoven/Studio040

Abandonment, survival and disrupted family relationships. That’s what the new performance “Alleen met de goden” (alone with the gods), by Afslag Eindhoven theatre group is about. On Thursday 16 March the first performance will be brought to the stage.

When 11-year-old Aaron’s father is convicted of murder, he and his mother are left behind. His mother has her hands full with her own grief, and because of his father’s huge debt, they live in poverty. Aaron is mostly alone. Yet there are people who continue to believe in him, including his kickboxing trainer Art.

During the performance, Yvonne Beukering, the show’s director, wants to focus on the imperfect human being, plodding, fighting and dreaming.

The performance is based on the book “Alleen met de goden” by Alex Boogers. In 2016, the book was awarded the ‘Nederlandse Boekhandelprijs’  (dutch bookstore prize) and nominated for the ‘Libris Literatuurprijs’ (Libris literature prize). Director Yvonne Beukering was touched by the story and turned it into a performance.

“It is a tremendously recognisable story for me. My mother, too, was raised under difficult circumstances and was not exactly a loving mother. She suffered through life. Yet we loved her. Aaron shows man as I like to see him myself: vulnerable, longing and struggling. That in spite of all the misery you overcome by faith in your own strength”.

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Bob

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