Hold on to your hats this carnival

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It looked like spring has sprung at the beginning of this week. The sun shone brightly and the temperatures were high for the time of year. This will continue but, by Friday, with the start of carnival, it will be more tempestuous, warns Rico Schröder from Weerplaza.

This Tuesday, the temperature will reach 11 or 12 degrees. “The sun will shine almost all day,” Rico commented to Omroep Brabant on Tuesday morning on the radio programme ‘WAKKER!’. “There is little wind. It’s going to be a really beautiful day. Normally, it’s about 7 degrees.”

Tuesday evening and night will be clear. “The temperature will drop towards freezing just like last night”. Wednesday morning will start with a touch of frost. “Then it will be a very beautiful day again, with a lot of sunshine, especially in the morning. In the afternoon we will see clouds increase from the west. That has to do with the weather change that will take place on Thursday. But on Wednesday it will still be dry, and up to 11 or 12 degrees.”

Sahara dust

On Thursday, some rain will head this way from the west. “This may begin in the early hours,” Rico commented. “There’s also a chance of Saharan dust in the air Thursday morning.” The Sahara dust may result in dirty cars and garden furniture.

“After that rain it is due to be dry for a few hours, but rain will follow later on in the day. The temperature may then increase a degree or two, up to 10 degrees.”

According to the Weerplaza weatherman, Friday will be a really turbulent day, with some showers and strong winds. “Force-five wind.” In between, the sun will occasionally shine. “The temperature is then due to rise to as much as 14 degrees.”

Saturday will be a cloudy day, with occasional rain. “But from Sunday the weather will be dry and fine once again and about 10 or 11 degrees.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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