Veldhoven joins the club and opens ‘warm rooms’

The municipality of Veldhoven is opening five ‘warm rooms’ where people are welcome to warm up. The municipality thus joins an initiative of the Salvation Army.

From Monday there will be five locations where people can go to study, read, drink a cup of coffee or just to warm up. Due to the high energy costs, people do not always turn on the heating. With these spaces, the municipality ensures that people are not left out in the cold this winter. It is a way for people to save energy and still be warm.


People are welcome from Monday at the Library, meeting centre De Ligt, Sentrum 70, de Veldwijzer and meeting centre ‘t Tweespan for a warm place, a location to meet people or ask for help. At certain times, energy coaches are also on site to help people with smart energy saving tips.

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

Source: Studio040

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