New year, new routes for garbage collectors

Blue Garbage bin for Eindhoven residents
Photo Credit: Studio040, Alain Heeren

Cure begins 2023 with new routes for the 35 garbage collectors who pick up trash in the city. This is necessary because the city is growing and the existing routes were no longer optimal.

“Some neighbourhoods in Eindhoven have expanded with new addresses, for example of newly built homes. Those new addresses have to be distributed properly over the drivers’ routes” says Dennis Hendriks of Cure. “So the neighborhoods and driving routes may have changed slightly.” For many addresses, the new working method means that garbage will now be collected on Wednesdays.

The waste service also recently started using a slightly different system with which the routes are plotted. Hendriks: “Previously this was done on the basis of postal codes, now it is done on the basis of registered wheelie bins. As a result, people who do not have a registered wheelie bin, or for example have a wheelie bin with a defective chip, may no longer be able to see when the garbage will be collected.”

A few hitches

On Facebook last week it was already raining complaints from people who no longer understand when to epect the garbage truck. Cure has also received hundreds of reports from people with unregistered wheelie bins. The service advises people to send an e-mail to Cure’s customer service. The problem will then be solved within a short time.

Cure emphasizes that there is no shortage of capacity due to, for example, sick leave. Starting in March, the service will begin distributing blue containers for paper. Residents will first receive a letter in their mailbox between March 6 and May 25, and two weeks later the blue wheelie bins will be delivered.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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