Labyrinth in Philips de Jonghpark: a posthumous gift from DJ Lady Aïda

Labyrinth in Philips de Jonghpark
Photo credit: Studio040

A labyrinth of legendary Eindhoven techno DJ Lady Aïda will be unveiled in Eindhoven’s Philips de Jonghpark on Sunday. The artwork is her parting gift to the city. Lady Aïda died in 2021 as a result of breast cancer.

A maze with a circumference of 55 metres and up to 17 metres wide. That is the physical part of the artwork left to the city by the DJ – who was born with the name Aïda Spaninks. The stones of the artwork are laid in the grass so that walkers can walk along the paths. Soon to be added are a kind of radio play composed by various sound artists.

The work was financed with money from the proceeds of Aïda’s record collection and a contribution from the Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven (Eindhoven culture foundation). The opening begins Sunday at 15:00; those interested can register by sending an e-mail to

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Bob


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