Wolves spotted in North Brabant; province expands subsidy scheme

Picture Credit :Steves, Pexels

The wolf is increasingly common in North Brabant. One has also settled permanently in the province. This is reason enough to expand the subsidy scheme for animal farmers.

The chance of encountering roaming wolves in the province is even higher at this time of year. The young wolves leave their packs and seek their own territory. This is good news in the terms of biodiversity. Wolves have also been spotted in the Eindhoven region.

Living together

But the return of the wolf to the region could also bring negative consequences. This may  be in the form of livestock and other animals being attacked. “Of course it takes some getting used to when – after a long absence – the wolf chooses to settle in our country again,” says Hagar Roijackers, deputy for Water and Nature. “It is up to us to move with that reality. Protect sheep and other animals, and let the wolf rediscover its habitat. That is why we have now expanded the subsidy scheme.”


These subsidies are not only available to people who live in or near a wolf’s habitat, but now to the entire province. People who keep animals for their profession or hobby can take preventive measures with the subsidy money. For example, animals such as sheep must be protected. It also forces the wolf to look for a more suitable living environment, according to the province.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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