Eindhoven artists can decorate pillars in the Heuvel galerie

In the Heuvelgalerie in Eindhoven, four pillars will be made available in the coming period for unknown, talented artists, to give the city a boost in the field of street art. They can transform the pillars as they see fit with a budget of 2000 euros.

The Upright project is a collaboration between cultural institution Emoves and the Heuvelgalerie. “Artists can sign up to transform a column in the Heuvelgalerie according to their own inspiration. We are looking for young artists that have a story to tell and see this as the next step in their career”, explains Jasper van Es from Emoves.

“The artists will be given the freedom to make something according to their own likes and interests. It is not on behalf of a company. It is from their own passion. Think not only about painting, but also photography or digital art.”

Street art

A lot is done in the field of street art in Eindhoven. This project should contribute to that, according to Van Es. Artists who wish to be considered for a column can send their ideas to Emoves before 8th January.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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