‘Towards a fireworks-free city’

No firework ban in Eindhoven
Photo Credit: Pexels, Anna-Louise

Several Brabant municipalities are in favour of a total ban on fireworks, according to a poll conducted by Omroep Brabant. In four municipalities there are already plans to introduce a ban, effctive as early as next year. Fireworks will still be allowed this coming New Year’s Eve, although many municipalities are working with fireworks-free zones.

For the previous two New Year’s Eves there was a ban on fireworks. This was done to relieve the care, which was already busy because of the corona crisis. The number of casualties due to fireworks those years was significantly lower than in the years before corona.

No nationwide ban yet

In June, a parliamentary majority voted against a nationwide ban. Many municipalities are annoyed by this and are now thinking about imposing their own ban in their municipality. A total of eight municipalities have indicated that they are in favour of a ban.

Municipalities in Brabant that are in favour of a fireworks ban:

Bergen op Zoom
Gilze and Rijen

Fireworks-free zones in Eindhoven

In some places the wish has already become reality: In Eindhoven, the college already indicated its intention to establish a fireworks ban for the entire city, starting next year.

Tilburg is also in favour, but prefers it to be regulated nationwide. “We want to move step by step towards a fireworks-free city. Our location close to Belgium¬† requires more than just a local ban on setting off fireworks,” said a spokesperson. Tilburg does hope to achieve a “trend break” by organising two fireworks shows and establishing fireworks-free zones.

Source: Omroepbrabant.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan




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