Refugees to be accommodated in 336 Philips office units

Refugees are accommodated in 336 Philips office units

The COA (central organ for refugee accomodation) will house refugees in 336  Philips office units. The units are moving from the Philips branch in Best to Zeist, where the COA has an emergency shelter.

With a size of sixty football fields, the production and research location in Best is the largest in the world, according to Philips. Because the location is under continuous development, the office units have become superfluous. “From a sustainability point of view, we thought it would be better to find a sustainable reuse for these units,” said Sofie Van den Brandt, who is responsible for the Philips campus on behalf of Philips.

Because Philips wanted to find a sustainable reuse for the office buildings, they came into contact with the COA, who were looking for affordable housing for its refugees.

“As an organisation, we are very pleased that Philips is helping us find solutions for this major social problem,” said Edwin Blijie of COA. “And we appreciate this contribution. Over the next five years, the units will provide asylum seekers and status holders in Zeist with a temporary home. But we will also be able to use them afterwards, where and when necessary.”

The office units cannot be occupied immediately. The COA must first convert the movable buildings before they are suitable as a place to live. The first office units are expected to be occupied in April 2023.

Source: Studio040

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