Taxi drivers express concern: Uber suddenly booming in city

Taxi drivers hold their hearts: Uber suddenly booming in city
Photo Credit: Studio040

Drivers of regular taxi services in Eindhoven are worried about the rise of so-called Uber drivers in the city.

In a short time, dozens of Uber drivers are said to have arrived in Eindhoven. The company Uber offers a hefty bonus to new drivers. If they also manage to do 50 rides in three months, that reward can amount to as much as 750 euros. In addition, Uber would also offer rental cars to people who want to drive but don’t have their own transport. Since then, things have been going fast. Dozens of drivers have signed up in Eindhoven in recent months, multiple sources confirm to Studio040.

“There could well be friction”

Anonymous taxi driver


Drivers of the existing taxi services in the city fear that a fierce battle for taxi rides in Eindhoven will soon erupt. Already there is a difference in fares; Uber is often cheaper than a ‘normal’ taxi. On the other hand, Uber drivers are not allowed to use the official taxi stands.

At Eindhoven Airport, it is nevertheless very easy to summon an Uber. Many cars are parked nearby and spring into action as soon as a call is broadcast via the app.

In January, the fares of existing taxis are likely to go up significantly, following increased fuel prices. And then the competition will get even tougher, predicts one driver. “We cannot compete with those prices. But we desperately need the rides to stay afloat. Frankly, there could well be friction.”

Uber taxis have been operating in Eindhoven since 2017. Even then, the industry was not happy with the arrival of Ubers.


Source: Studio040

Translated by Simge Taşdemir


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